“One memory we have cherished thus far is the day we hung our son’s swing set on our back porch. At the time, he was about 6 months old and had never been in a swing before. Watching him giggle as the dogs licked his toes while swinging in our new backyard brought us so much joy.” Mariah & Ty | Yukon, OK | Photo by Jordan Mobley

“From Nevada to Oklahoma. One MLS search and many FaceTime showings later, we decided that this was the home for us, site unseen. We put in a blind offer, and when we finally got to Oklahoma to check it out, it ended up being the best decision we made!” The Warren Family | OKC | Photo by Jordan Mobley

“What does this home mean to us? This home is quite possibly the most beautiful tangible expression of the goodness of God. I (Katie) moved to Oklahoma in August of 2016, which meant I sold my home in Florida, and left my family and loved ones following the YES that God had given both Chad and I. I remember our first Sunday in church after arriving here, that the reality of the transition hit me and tears rolled down my face. I thought about my family, the job I left, and even the ocean. God is so gracious and spoke to me in that moment and said, “Katie I will restore every last thing.” And God has done exactly that! This house is the restoration of having a home and a safe place to land. This home represents how creative God is because he even brought my job through it as well. For Chad and I this represents two people becoming one and blending our families. God is faithful and every time we come home, we can not help but reflect on just how good God is to us!” | Chad & Katie | Mustang, OK | Photo by Jordan Mobley

“I (Kacie) have known Amy since elementary school. We use to karaoke to Spice Girls and Whitney Houston together in her room. After college she bought her first little home in Oklahoma City and in the process she met Sam. She decided to upgrade after a year and buy a house in Yukon, knowing that she and Sam would likely get married in the near future. While we were under contract, Sam let me help set Amy up for the proposal. I told her the city inspector had to come check something and I was too booked to go. Well, the “city inspector” turned out to be Sam who had decorated the kitchen with candles and flowers. He proposed to her just days before they closed on the house. This November they officially tied the knot!” Sam and Amy | Yukon, OK

“This house represents stability. It reminds us of the blessed spot we are in financially. We had plans of buying a home for over three years before it actually happened. Each year something cataclysmic would happen and foil our plans. Being here means so much. This weekend we took out all of our Christmas decorations and continued our yearly tradition of Christmas movies, tree trimming, and home-made hot cocoa. My middle daughter and I debated over where to put the Christmas tree. We literally rock-paper-scissored for the placement. I got my way and realized it was the wrong place. The spot she picked was better. Surprising her with the entire decorated tree moved was priceless!” Megan and Billy | Oklahoma City | Photography by Abi Ruth

“In September we bought my childhood home. My parents sold it when they were becoming empty nesters and I was devastated because I had such great memories here. There is so much happiness tied into these walls for myself and my husband. I lived here when we first fell in love. We were able to buy not only a place of our own, but also a piece of family history. The first holiday we celebrated in our new home was Halloween, our favorite holiday. Our street is the safe street for Trick or Treating and we had over 500 trick or treaters come by our house that night. It was so fun to celebrate and be welcomed into the neighborhood by so many wonderful people. We hope for this house to be our forever home. We will raise our daughter here. We will love our friends and family here. This home tells our story.” Jenna & Justin | Bethany, Oklahoma | Photography by @sarahlibbyphotography

“Before we bought our home nearly two years ago, we had prayed for opportunities to love and help others through the additional space. I feel like we are currently getting to live out this future we had envisioned! Recently, we had an 18-year-old move in with us. She just aged out of foster care and didn’t have a place to go. Because we have a spare bedroom and attached bathroom in our new home, she is able to be a part of our family while also having her own space. We are excited to continue to watch our girls grow in this home and to invite others to be part of our life in Norman. We feel like our home is truly a gift, and we are thankful for the opportunity to be generous to others through it. I hope that we are remembered for always having our doors open to people from all walks of life.” Mary Rachel & Andrew | Norman, Oklahoma | Photo by Keeley Rickles