I didn’t think I’d use this medium to announce my pregnancy to the general public, but I really can’t be as emotional about food as I am today and NOT tell you in good conscience—I’m pregnant. And I have feelings about food. 


I thought about writing this month’s Kacie Eats about shrimp cocktail…literally just shrimp cocktail. The whole idea didn’t really have legs except for me to repeatedly tell you how much I love shrimp cocktail. So, just accept that when I am pregnant I love shrimp cocktail. Really no other time…but, whoa, right now it’s at another level. 


This month I bring you Kacie Eats: Steak


A good steak is another pregnancy need. It’s the iron or something, idk. 


Luckily there are a lot of good steaks in OKC and I’ve been #blessed to try a lot of them. These are in no particular order and please don’t get defensive. All steak deserves honor but people usually don’t read the whole thing and I’m not really that patient. 


  1. Ranch Steakhouse: Ranch is probably the best flavor steak in OKC. The magic is that it comes out literally sizzling on the plate. Ranch is a nice steak place, and the people who go there are suuuuper low key. I like the vibe in there. It’s not trying too hard. They have a whole big parking lot but still offer valet, which makes little-to-no sense to me. Their sides, though. They aren’t very memorable. If you’ve ever read this blog you know I NEED variety. Their sides are just okay. 


  1. Mahogany: Why does Mahogany have a bad rap? Is it because it’s a chain? Their service is phenomenal. I love Mahogany because the whole menu is fantastic. They have shrimp cocktail, ooookay? Let’s not deter too far from steak but If you’ve never had their lobster cargot appetizer…run, don’t walk. Back to steak. Their steaks are great. Their sides are better. Their apps are phenomenal. Their service is impeccable. 

  1. Red Prime: I really didn’t want to include this one because I don’t love the restaurant overall. The atmosphere is a little cold for me, but different strokes for different folks. The reason I’m mentioning is because they offer different CRUSTS and SAUCES for their steaks. You can pick like a dozen different flavors to actually cover your steak and sear these flavors in. If you can get over feeling like you’re eating in an off-hours night club, you will love these options.

  1. My steaks: That’s right. The Kinney Household method of steak reverse-searing. I’m going to link an article to you because it’s science and I don’t do science. The basics of the method include popping your steak in a low temp oven (like 275) for 45ish minutes until the internal temp is that of a rare steak (I don’t remember and I’m not googling because I’m writing this with no internet from an airplane). Anyway, you get the steak “baked” to rare and then toss it on a screaming-hot cast iron skillet for like 2 minutes a side. Result is waaaaaay less smoke detectors going off in your house and a TOTALLY EVENLY COOKED STEAK. They’re juicier and more flavorful and I just can’t say enough good things about this method. Downside: it takes way longer than a traditional restaurant-style stove-top sear. 




Bonus mention: I cannot corroborate this, but as I was telling the team about my idea for steak month, Ryan Eller said that Charleston’s has a SECRET STEAK MENU. I have not made it in to inquire about said secret menu, yet. Can anyone confirm this exists?! Will someone take me on a date?! Wait, I’m only going places that have shrimp cocktail right now. May have to wait. 


Where’s your fave OKC steak from? Accepting dates now. Byeeee! 

This month we hosted a Ladies/Mom’s Night Out at Pinot’s Palette in Bricktown. We had an absolute blast honoring some of our favorite ladies. Cannot wait to do this again next year and thank you to those who came!

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