If you have are a vegetarian you may want to pick back up next month, because January is all about the meat. 

This month we were struck by a new restaurant to the OKC scene called Wagyu Japanese BBQ. It’s located off Memorial and May in the same little commercial area as Metro Diner

I love experience dining so it was basically a question of how soon I could get there. Answer: the next business day. So Kaleb and I dropped the kids off at the grandparents (open flames and children do not mix) and went to an early dinner at Wagyu. 

First things first, the vibes at 5 pm on a weeknight weren’t amazing. My bad. Maybe go at a normal time and it will feel a little better. There were just a few tables seated so we got to choose a booth and our waiter brought the menu. In the center of each table they have a grill of sorts where you actually cook all your food. 

We ordered the biggest shared menu because I care about you all and I know that’s what you would have wanted.